July 25, 2019

Another hot day, a few hours of work in the morning is all I can manage.

Mike and I sat on the picnic bench last week for a water break.  That bench has been at the bottom of the front slope garden as long as I can remember. I sanded off the lichen and dry rot and removed the center of three boards to sand the sides. I rubbed in the clear stain and sealer that I use on the back porch swing.  Now I just need to figure out how to put it back together again.

Potato shrub is a favorite with Spots.  He eats it as fast as I can prune it – leaves, stalks and all.  It all disappears from his pen.  He probably appreciates a little green in this long dry season.

The new euonymus, pittosporum and lantana received another application of Plant Starter.  I spread the rest of the Preen mulch on the circle garden and soaked it in.  I am so pleased that the plants are establishing themselves even in the height of the summer heat.

Mike and I both noted the spectacular sunset over the western hills.  I could not tell you why the cloud cover was low, but the horizon was infused with purples and reds and gold.

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