July 26, 2019

I am acclimating to high summer temperatures, taking in copious amounts of water.  Early this morning I trimmed back the correopsis and gooseberry and let them rest while Mike runs a new drip system.  The society garlic is also looking pekid.  I gave supplemental water to the two roses furthest down the irrigation line.

The spectacular new growth on the lemon and lime trees is a delight.  I pruned the dead wood off the lemon tree to encourage new growth and perhaps to shape it more compactly.

In the Succulents Department at Lowe’s I found a new portulaca to replace the dying cotoneaster in the narrowest wedge of the front slope garden.  When I removed the cotoneaster I found and repopoulated a gopher cage buried in the ground.  The protulaca received a dose of Plant Starter. The soil in that wedge of the garden appears to drain extremely well – important condition for a succulent.

I picked up four cases of Malbec from Fiddletown and discussed with Dethe planting of  South African plants, including succulents.  In his opinion,  Lowe’s should not sell certain plants. Succulents are not hardy below 35 degrees, as I could have read from the information card that came with the plants. Del knew of a bank of ice plant alongside a highway in Sacramento that was killed by a hard frost.  He suggested moving the succulents near the house for shelter in the coldest days of the year, letting the heat of the house and even of the sidewalk protect the plants from cold night air.  I have thermal tarps to cover the portulaca and senecio that are in the ground, and will keep them well watered through the winter.  

I redirected the sprinkler at the near end of the lawn, more onto the lawn and less onto the border.  Bare patches are appearing in the back lawn where the sprinklers to not reach. The deep crimson crape myrtle in the middle of the lawn has finally begun to bloom.

I inherited and much enjoy the ivy container from Rancho Murieta, but keeping it consistently watered is a challenge.  Mike will add an sprinkler line and bubbler to that container next week. For now, I added Moisture Control Potting Mix and soaked the ivy.  I also left an overnight drip on the Mexican daisy that is away from the sprinkler head

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