August 1, 2019

The butter cream marigold was water logged again this morning.  Its life has been a series of near-fatal tragedies –  half of the original plant burnt out and two later floods.  I removed all the water-infused soil and spread it on other plants.  As Mike suspected, the container had no drainage.  I drilled three new drainage holes, added new gravel, filled with all new topsoil and transplanted the marigold back into the container.

Mike found a bubbler head that will allow less drip water to the container; he came up in the cool of the evening and installed it.  That sprinkler head should solve the flooding problem – now I am worried that the plant will not receive enough water.  I will monitor over the next few weeks. My heart always has a specially reserved place for plants that are survivors.

PG&E tells me that we have already fewer days above 100 degrees this season.  Still time to make up the lack.

I do not know the breeding season and gestation period for quail.  In any event, Mama Quail was pecking out the garden this evening and strewing mulch and soil everywhere, and a tiny baby quail was beside her learning the knack.


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