August 3, 2019

Today I dug a out peninsula from edge of the large planter box to the deep scarlet crape myrtle. The grass came out in clumps; I will need to add soil and soil amendment from Lowe’s.  I will also apply a layer of Preen mulch for an attempt at weed control.  I removed the stone border and will replace it after I fill the area with topsoil, raising the stones more than an inch.  Those stones had sunk almost to disappearing  in a year and a half.

I dug out the main valve for irrigation water at the front of the house, looking for the source of the leak. Every place I dug quickly filled with water. Mike has found a filter to eliminate sediment in sprinkler heads.  The hope is to trap sediment at the main valve and eliminate the need to unplug and replace sprinkle heads all over the front garden.    The filter can be removed and flushed out periodically.  Mike will attach it when the repairs to the main valve are completed and secured. My contribution will be to reset the flagstones with weed block and paver sand when the plumbing work is done.

As my final project of the day, I dismantled the porch swing.  Mostly with vice grips.  Once I perfected a technique there were only a few screws holding up the frame.  The whole wreck is on its way to the dump.

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