August 9, 2019

I mowed the lawn late morning and used the gas powered weed whacker for edging.  No decapitated sprinkle heads to my knowledge.

Late afternoon I saw water rushing down the driveway and went out to help Mike.  He had cut the main irrigation pipe to remove the old valve.  Apparently the shut off at the barn did not work and water was pouring down the driveway at 40 gallons per minute.  Mike took a hike to shut down the water at the main pumping station on the edge of the lake.  That pump forces water uphill to feed the irrigation tank in the barn.

Mike added a new main valve and a pipe detour for the new filter. The pipe detour has its own valve to flush out the filter.  The outflow from the filter will be directed into the triangle garden.  We finished all the connections and restored the water at the main pump station.  The new valve held without incident.  We will let the pipe cure overnight, and Mike will hopefully restore the entire irrigation system tomorrow morning.

This will be a short week – tomorrow the crew will be bottling wine up in Fiddletown. Apparently a 2016 Zinfandel is ready to come out of the barrel.

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