September 19, 2019

I drove up yesterday, and the season changed from summer to fall in two days away.  Mild temperatures are forecast for the rest of the week.  It may be time to lay off my summer schedule of work before breakfast.

Asters are late and have not yet budded.  The gazanias are late bloomers near to my heart.  Their flowers have a pattern of opening during the day and closing at night.  Perhaps I have only seen them closed up at either end of the day.  I continue watering the matilija poppies in hope, including the one that may be dearly departed.

Martha and Judy were up last week. Several nights we enjoyed a glass of wine at the summer house, taking advantage of the new furniture and reasonable temperatures.  Judy enjoyed talking together as the night drew in.  We also took our coffee out one morning for a few minutes.

The aptenia is profuse beyond all expectations.  MJ Is thinking about planting it on a hillside in San Diego.

I appreciated MJ and Judy spending  time weeding this past week.  I have had only limited success keeping after the low-lying vetch.  I spent my time painting the newly reconstructed fence beside the driveway.

We have had the first rain of the year, perhaps an early end to the dry season.  Several inches fell in Oakland on Monday and Wednesday.  The rain system may have petered out trailing up the Sacramento River into the Delta and down the  Central Valley.  Mike tells me that less than an inch fell at the Ranch on Monday.


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