September 25, 2019

We had two days of extreme heat, yesterday and today, maybe the last of the  summer. Temperatures are forecast to drop considerably through the weekend with possible showers Saturday or Sunday. The dry season may end early this year.

The plants in the large planter box in the back yard are filling in well.  The Martha Washington geranium is particularly robust, probably due to over-enthusiastic lawn sprinklers.  The corner next to the portulaca looks comparatively spare, and may accommodate a pot or two from my selection of succulents.

I did my early morning watering before meeting at church.  The butterfly bushes are in full bloom at the top of the front slope garden.  MJ appreciated the two white geraniums who are the daughters of the original Mother and are now blooming.  The cooler nights may have brought out their blooms.  Notwithstanding extreme heat during the day, nighttime fans still cool the house to a reasonable level for sleeping.

Lowe’s is selling the chrysanthemums hard and cyclamen have started to appear. I am not ready to give up on the annuals giving their last show in the pots, maybe in another week or two.

I weeded a little at sunset, now soon after 7.00.  Another excuse to enjoy the garden at the end of the day.

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