September 26, 2019

I spent the morning digging out a lane between the flagstone floor of the summer house and the Saint Francis rockrose.  Two large pots will stand by the two near posts to the summer house, with leader wires to the roof.  The hope is to plant vines that will travel up the wires to provide a screen on the side nearest the house and additional shade.  No significant weeds were in that area at the end of the summer – I laid weed block nonetheless.  I started laying down large river rock along the lane, and will supplement it tomorrow with add paver sand.  I will add potting soil tomorrow, but I need to find anchors that I will set deep into the pots.

The three yarrows have filled in the garden curve in a single season and continue to bloom, white and a color optimistically billed as coral. To my delight, the late-planted euphorbia (Crown of Thorns} appears to be taking hold in that same corner of the back garden.

Spots devoured an entire mango core without pausing for breath. He was singularly uninterested in the peelings.

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