September 28, 2019

The crew assembled in Fiddletown this morning to press a bin  of Cabernet grapes.  Del picked the grapes just like week and they fermented quickly.  The berries were smaller and yielded just over one barrel of juice.  Pressing took only two hours with clean up.  Afterward we tasted and topped the barrels to remove excess air.  The 2016 Petite Sirah was the hit of the morning.

I finished laying  the stones around the two pots and filled them with potting  soil.  Planting will need to wait until I am back from Monterey.  I can make a run to Annie’s on my was out from Oakland.

Mike was working on the barn stairs.  The rot was more extensive than originally expected. Taking off a railing uncovers all kinds of treasures that the woodpeckers were after.  Mike is essentially rebuilding substantial pieces of the railing.  I tried out a sample and settled on a darker gray stain and sealer for the steps and side boards.  Looks and applies like paint but acts as a sealer.

A glorious autumn sunset settled in just about 7.00, tending towards the purple.

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