September 29, 2019

46 degrees this morning.  I made my rounds in a flannel shirt and jeans.

For the first time I remember, the fire prevention pond in front of the house has not been dry by the end of the summer.  The far end of the intake pipe for the hydrant is still submerged.  One of the projects for this fall is to lay an outflow pipe from the barn into that pond, to fill the pond next year if it runs dry.

I gave extra water to all the succulents, mindful of colder weather.  The Dusty Miller (senecio cineraria, perhaps a relative of the South African senecio that I plated last spring?) also receives supplemental water. When she was here, Judy found that the plant had dried out and cut it back to ground level.  I am hoping to help it winter over and bloom again in the spring.  I continue to regularly hand water the matilija poppies on the back slope.

Geranium and potato shrub snacks went to Spots.

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