October 15, 2019

I stopped off at Annie’s on the way out of Oakland.  Annie has a section dedicated to vines, and I was selecting vines for the near side of the summer house.  The vines will be in pots and I will train them along wires up the side of the summer house.  Slow growing pink jasmine for scent, and not so slow growing sweet pea for color, a deep pink flower.  I will see if I can start them early and nurse them into the rainy season, hopefully soon.

I applied Plant Starter on the two pots for the vines, and a second application on the transplanted Mexican daisies.

I came back to asters in full bloom – away ten days and surprise!  The asters draw swarms of bees and butterflies.   The word riot comes to mind.


Homes in Sutter Creek and Jackson, including Bob and Faye, were without power to two or three days last week. We are in the most dangerous time of the year for wildfires, and the prevalence of high winds is a great concern.  Ione not affected by power outages, for reasons that are mystery to me as I look out on acres of grassland.  I am most concerned with the timers for the irrigation system, even though I have cut back to watering once a day.

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