October 4, 2019

I still like to maintain my routine of working before breakfast, although the mornings are cooler now. I dug out the Bermuda grass from the aptenia patch and brought in a load of topsoil to fill the gap left when I transplanted the large Mexican daisy.  I also started moving the succulents under the shelter of the house wall.

The aster buds are showing the tiniest bit of bloom.

Higher temperatures are due this Sunday.  I watered the circle garden at the barn, adding supplemental water whenever I head into town or come back.  The oenothera and helianthemum are showing sign of stress, perhaps their growing pattern at the end of the summer season. Opportunistic weeding has kept the circle garden clear so far.

Mike brought up banana bread today.  The blinds for the breakfast nook came in early at Lowe’s.

Near half moon in clear skies at 7.30 this evening.

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