October 5, 2019

Sunrise is now at 7.05, giving an eleven and a half hour day.  I applied supplemental water on rounds this morning in expectation of high temperatures tomorrow.

I trimmed the sweet pea that overhung the side lamp on the front sidewalk.  The lamp needs more sun to give more light at night.  The shape of the shrub is a little strange since the lamp is dead center on one side, but it always seems to fill in.  I tried the sweet pea with Spots but it was no sale.  Apparently there is a limit on what he will eat.

We pressed a bin of Barbera today – juicy grapes yielded a barrel and five gallons.  Two hours of farm labor followed by two hours of lunch is about the right balance.  We enjoyed a 2015 Zinfandel over lunch in Del’s garden.

In the afternoon I trimmed the trees overhanging the common road by the pond.  Brushing the low hanging branches with the truck annoyed me.  The road is still passable, but four trees at the end of the summer growth season are encroaching on common space.

An entire willow tree came down by the lake.  I thought it was a few large branches until I traced them back to the trunk.  And we have not started the rainy season when the ground can become saturated and tree roots take to wandering.

I was up at 10.30 tonight for a glass of water, a bright half moon lighting me down the hall.  The nighttime break gave me a sense of how the moons travels west in its course, similar to the sun.


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