October 16, 2019

Moderate temperatures continue today.  The grape vines along Buena Vista Road are dying off for the season.  It is definitely fall but still no rain.

I gave supplemental water to the circle garden with special attention to the oenothera.  It is dying back – hopefully an end of season growth habit and not unhealthy.  Should be sufficiently hardy, with good hopes for how it will winter over.

I rolled out the camellia from under the shelter of the porch to allow more sun as it moves into blooming season.  I was pleased to see buds even this first year.  The ivy in the camellia container is thriving, another immigrant from Rancho Murieta.

The oldest surviving camellia is in the front garden bed.  Against all odds of narrow soil bed and intense summer heat, it is flourishing and is showing a few buds.  I looked back at my entry for January 5, 2019 when the buds first came to flower last year.  Apparently the camellia was still adding buds in the middle of last winter.

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