October 17, 2019

It was a cold morning, below 50 degrees, when I went out to feed Spots.  I will defer work in the garden until after breakfast.  I have adjusted the curtains to the east-facing window in my bedroom to catch the morning sunrise.  The sky begins to lighten just past 6.30, and I can slowly watch the sun climb over the hill and through the valley oaks.

I remembered Ben today with a text to Karen.

I deeply watered the two pots for new vines and started to train the vines up the wires to the summer house roof.  The sweet pea is in fact a fast grower, but the jasmine is not far behind.  I trimmed the carpet rose by the summer house and gave supplemental water to the matilija poppies.

Mike reviewed with me the proposed work on the barn stairs.  He brought up a 20 foot extension ladder for the outside of the high platform opening into the upstairs door for the barn.

I picked up twelve cases of wine from Fiddletown this afternoon: half 2017 Barbera, half 2017 Petite Sirrah. Apparently the crew last weekend bottled two barrels.  I have fond memories of tasting the Petite Sirrah – unusual, richer than your average Zinfandel and more tangy than your average Barbera.

I threw an older bunch of radishes over the fence yesterday.  I expected Spots to eat the tops, but he apparently had a coming appetite.  Both the tops and the radishes went.


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