October 18, 2019

The fringe flower is showing its first tiny flowers.  I always remember that it was in full bloom the first Saturday of my retirement: December 30, 2017.  I trimmed back the outliers for shape.

I trimmed dead shoots off the penstemon next to the giant oleander in the front border garden.  Both penstemons appears to be headed for hibernation mode.  Unlike the salvias and geraniums that continue to bloom prolifically.  Lots of spent geranium blossoms for Spots.

A large grasshopper was munching on the roses and it went.  I applied Sevin dust to discourage any return from Mr. Hopper or any friends and relations.

I soaked jasmine and sweet pea in the pots at the side of the summer house and supplemented the water to the matilija poppies.  Shelter succulents against the house

This evening was dinner and talent night at the church social hall.  Bob and Faye brought a case or two of the 2016 Tempranillo and had a bottle on each table.  That pressing is still one of my favorites, and my table finished its bottle handily.

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