November 1, 2019

I spent an hour or so raking off the dried grass just below the retaining wall at the southeast end of the flagstone walk along the front of the house.  Not a huge job, just pulling the grass down the slope past the fire lane and throwing it further down the hill.  The dried grass on that slope is closest to the house, and a spark could travel up the valley oak and onto the pergola that covers the back porch.  Fortunately, no power outages and no local fires so far this season, but the fire prevention pond in front of the house is almost dry.  I am mindful of November 8, 2018 when the Camp Fire in Butte County started and spread in the early hours of the morning before anyone could react.

Autumn light is a favorite of mine, low lying golden light reflected off the dry grass in the acreage around the house. The garden still full of color from the lantanas, geraniums, salvias and annuals.  The gazanias continue to pop at midday.  I watch the robins, towhees, sparrows and other birds pecking at the front garden, storing up for the winter.

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