November 9, 2019

I applied a second dose of plant starter on the newly potted vines beside the summer house and continue supplementing water on the matilija poppies.

I opened the blinds in the family room, partly to allow sunlight in to warm the room and partly to look out on the land.  The large planter box in the back yard sits directly under those windows.  The open blinds allow a foreground view of the Martha Washington geranium, Saint John’s Wart, and the shrub daisy now grown well above the window sill.  I will have the ladies dust the blinds when they are here next.

This afternoon I took the ranch truck into Oakland to deliver Gerry’s drum set to Scott.  Driving the truck in Bay Area traffic was a new experience, without incident.  Scott, Nina and I celebrated their tenth anniversary with dinner at Zaytoon, a local Mediterranean restaurant.  They are more adventurous than I am about food and find wonderful local restaurants.  I offered them a sample of my lamb with yogurt sauce, and Scott was impressed.  He has lost weight, and I inherited a pile of hand me up jeans.

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