October 24, 2019

I fed all the camellias today with appropriate plant food, and gave the transplanted daisies another shot of Plant Starter.  The large daisy promises to give another round of blooms this season. I also deeply watered the newly potted jasmine and sweet pea.

I said goodbye to the eggplant and cleared it from the herb garden container. For whatever reason it never bore fruit this year.  One red pepper continues to ripen on the pepper plant.

I spent much of the day sanding the outdoor stairs to the barn.  I will let Mike handle the higher deck and railings with the twenty foot extension ladder. Higher temperatures, heavy winds and power outages are due later this week.  So far only minimal outages at the ranch.

I mowed the lawn for the first time in three weeks. It is not growing as fast as it does during the high summer.  The east end down slope in particular does not appear to receive sufficient water and is now browning out.

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