October 25, 2019

Today I dismantled the fountain for transport to San Diego at Christmas.  I still need to make sure I can rent a large trailer for everything I have promised to haul down.

The smaller pink oleander is still blooming outside the window of the master bathroom. Normally you would not design an eight foot picture window beside a step in whirlpool bath, but such are the joys of the country.  From the bath tub one looks past the pink and white oleanders, the yarrows and the newly planted Mexican daisy to the valley oaks and the grassland beyond.  My house cleaner says that if she lived here, she would spend all her time in that tub.  She left the bubble bath on the window ledge.  The Crown of Thorns euphorbia appears to be taking hold and is a daily joy to me. The California fuchsia with peach and not fuchsia colored flowers continues to bloom on the master bedroom porch.

I supplemented water to all the in-ground succulents, as the nights will be are turning colder.

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