November 13, 2019

Today was a back yard maintenance day.  I noted the first blooms on the Australian fuchsia, tiny pink flower with red tips.  Even more glorious than the white fuchsia in Oakland.

I pruned Little Myrtle of the Far East, removed spent bids and watered. Rain is still at lest two weeks away, a dry fall that is following last year’s pattern.  I will need to extend a consistent drip source to Myrtle next season.

I pruned the spent blossoms off the California fuchsia, and cut it back to rest. Crown of Thorns euphorbia continues to thrive and is a continuing joy to me.

I pruned the lemon and lime trees for height, keeping them compact and not overly intruding on the view of the land beyond.  With due ceremony, I harvested the last pepper of the season and added it to the latest batch of chunky pasta sauce.


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