November 20, 2019

Colder temperatures this morning – it was 44 degrees when I went to give Spots his breakfast.  The house is well insulated and retains heat from the daytime sun.  I have not turned on the central heat yet.

The yard is full of fall foliage – the deep reddish purple of the two barberry shrubs and the bare red branches of the three crape myrtles.  The barberry in the front border garden is spectacular when it catches the late low afternoon light.

I have two cactuses that were immigrants from Rancho Murieta, now residing in what I loosely call the conservatory.  The pale pink cactus has many buds – perhaps it will a Christmas or Advent cactus   The blooms on deep red cactus are further along, and may come full out over the Thanksgiving break.

I trimmed back the valley oak that overhangs the back porch and gathered a respectable  pile of kindling.  The day ended with a cup of tea on the back porch at sunset, looking through the gnarled trees toward the pond below.

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