December 19, 2019

Spots gets a daily rockrose snack when I am here at the ranch. I prune off a healthy handful to bring out with the two slices of bread for his breakfast.  He and I are slowly working down the two large rockroses at the south end of the front slope garden.  When MJ was up she trimmed the sunset rockroses, the low lying shrub variety.  Surprisingly, that rockrose variety did not appeal to Spots.  The things he will not eat is indeed a short list.

I trimmed back the plumbago, and will need to add it to the systematic watering on the indoor plant schedule for the winter.  The rain does not reach that pot where is sits under the porch, and I am not interested in moving it.

Both cactuses are now in full bloom.  The pale pink is particularly profuse, pardon all the ps.  The polka dot plant showing purple spikes with buds.  I am intrigued to see whether flowers develop from the buds.

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