December 20, 2019

This morning I saw a great blue heron on the fire prevention pond, my second sighting of the year.  He stood perfectly still for a minute, and I couldn’t move from the kitchen window for fear of disturbing him.  Then he took to the air for a last magnificent moment.

MJ sent me a notice of an Eagle Watch on Lake Pardee in January.  I called the local Utility District and reserved one of the last seats. A ranger will take a boat up the reservoir early morning on January 25, and hopefully we will have some sightings.  I looked down the Mokelumne River into the reservoir from Patti’s Point in January last year; this year I hope to see the hills from below.

I pruned back two rose bushes while washing the outside of the breakfast nook windows.  Now I know why you hire professionals to clean exterior windows.  The streaks only appear in bright direct sunlight.  The third rose bush still has blooms and does not appear ready to go to sleep.  The pruning each year goes back to the main rose stalks, removing all the cross pieces.  I hope to add soil and mulch the rose bed after the New Year.

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