December 30, 2019

I am back from Christmas celebrations in San Diego and Fresno.  I leave Highway 99 at the Waterloo exit, and all the stress of the journey drains away.

I had a few hours of daylight this afternoon to survey the garden.  Forecast is for sun and clear skies the next few days.  I watered all the succulents and potted plants front and back.  The plumbago seems to require a great deal of water and consistent watering.

I pruned the barberry on front border garden to control sprawl and to remove dead growth.  I left lots of gold and wine colored foliage.  While I had the clippers out, I pruned the center geraniums, pink and magenta.  The pruning of the large pink geranium may have been over enthusiastic.  I removed lots of dead undergrowth,  and when I stood back the plant was looking very sparse.  Close to a Charlie Brown geranium.   Can always hope for new spring growth.

Two of the matilija poppies showing buds and new life. I watered them as well as the potted agaves and aloes, and the in-ground crassula and crape myrtle.

Each day I am in residence at the ranch I prune a large handful of rock rose for Spots.  It appears to more of a favorite than geraniums.  The down slope rock rose is looking decently compact; Spots and I need to begin on the rock rose further up the slope.  

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