January 8, 2020

Heavy fog covered the ground through the morning.  I spent a good part of the  afternoon digging out the patches of Bermuda grass from the downward slope edge of the back yard.  Large sections along the stone border seem to have hosted nothing but Bermuda grass.  Fortunately, the grass dies down in the coldest months.  Approaching this never-ending task, I need to remember where I started last year.  I looked at a photograph I have kept from November 2018 that shows an eight foot tall wall of overgrown dry grass and weeds at that border area.  November 2018 when the Camp Fire destroyed the town of Paradise.

After digging out three large patches, I applied grass seed with weed control.  Rain is expected tomorrow, and the seed recommends 24 hours of dry weather to allow whatever toxins are included to eliminate unwanted weeds.  Rain is due tomorrow and more this coming weekend.


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