January 16, 2020

The ladies were here this morning to clean the house.  Always a good time to work on indoor plants when I have help to clean up afterwards.

I transferred the church plants to larger pots and applied Plant Starter.  The peace lily now resides in a large pot next to the palm tree, replacing an African violet that did not survive.  I trimmed back both cactuses and the polka dot plant that exhibits a willingness to sprawl.  The cactuses are now past their blooming season.  The new white blooms on the kalanchoe are a delight.  The money tree that was an immigrant from Rancho Murieta is well on its way to becoming a true tree.

The music room has become the conservatory.  The east-facing floor to ceiling windows flood that area with sunshine most of the morning.  The two aloes that I brought in from the cold are thriving.   

Kelly dutifully sprayed down the front porch in a drizzling rain.  She works magic when cleaning off a cement porch.

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