January 17, 2020

I worked in the office until 11.00 this morning when the fog burned off.  The temperature of 50 degrees outside felt warm in the sun.  The house is a shade warmer with the tall windows in the main room.

I added new topsoil to the dianthus, white geranium and purple salvia in the front border garden and fertilizer stakes for good measure. The plants at that end of the border garden have never thrived, possibly a subject for my inventory of the sprinkler system in the spring.  I laid down a  layer of Mike’s mulch to prevent weeds and protect the plamts from colder weather and watered it in.

We still have profuse camellias on Grandmother Camille. The camellia in the triangle garden has produced one dark pink bloom and signs of continuing new growth  The new container camellia has lots of buds, promising a return of the time-release camellias this year.

I moved the bulbine that was crowded out by the aptenia, and added amended topsoil to encourage the aptenia to fill in that corner.  It will sit dead center between the large crape myrtle box and the citrus grove box. The last task of the day was to plant another twelve feet of ice plant, meaning digging out another twelve feet of embedded grass and weeds.

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