February 12, 2020

I was away for only two days, and some plants continue to suffer from the cold.  The thermal blanket did not seem effective, either in reviving the Martha Washington geranium or in protecting the Mexican heather.

I was surprised and delighted that the gold lantana at the far edge of the front slope garden has new growth underneath.  I treated it like the other lantanas, trimming back the dead growth entirely and supplementing the water.  I was also pleased to see that the senecio from South Africa has new growth.

I moved the potted succulents out to the retaining wall just below the summer house, to keep the Japanese euonymus company.  They will receive bright sun there, and be close to the spigot I use for watering.

Crown of thorns euphorbia and aptenia are suffering.  Mike suspects that succulents do not withstand cold weather into the 30s.  On the other hand, the well-established ice plant remains healthy, front and back, with supplemental water.

I continue to water the cleared patches of the back lawn, but see no apparent signs of new growth.  I may need to reseed if the rainy season ever materializes again.

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