February 15, 2020

Water was running down the driveway when I went out to feed Spots this morning.  The irrigation system seems to be working well.  I also checked the sprinkler heads to ensure decent flow to newly pruned lantanas.

I deadheaded and trimmed the shrub daisy in the large back yard planter box, trying for a fuller shape as I have in the Oakland garden. I also trimmed the Saint John’s wort to prevent sprawl.  The Martha Washington geranium may be a loss – I added supplemental water to save the roots.  I am waiting until the weather is consistently warmer to cut back the damaged growth.

I removed dead growth from the sweet pea and the jasmine, and Mike ran feeders from the main irrigation line to the two pots.  The two plants continue to struggle, and I may need a replacement sweet pea.

Moles have found wonderful burrowing around the crassula, and I deployed the used cat litter.  The plant shows new growth in the center

I watered the ice plant border below the back lawn until it gently puddled. White lantana did not survive – I will replant it when I can direct a water line to it or new rain is forecast.

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