February 19, 2020

This morning I finished digging the trench up to the citrus box, in which the new retaining wall will be laid. An astounding amount of embedded grass, but the pickax does a handy job.  I have tried, perhaps with measured success, to avoid disturbing the roots of the crape myrtle and crassula.  The lateness of the season and lack of rain prevent transplanting the crape myrtle five feet so that it will be more centered in the bed.  Perhaps next fall.

I planted the Mexican daisy (erigeron) next to the Citrus Box and will see if it will take hold.  I also fed the third rose that is showing its first new growth of the season.

The potato shrub in the Triangle Garden is not reviving. I am willing to wait until we have consistently warmer temperatures.  Water is effective, as I have seen the spray sprinkler head cover that area entirely.  The water is so abundant I had to dig out the patch of grass that has accumulated at the outside edge of the front porch.

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