February 18, 2020

I drove up by way of Liberty Road this afternoon.  There are the beginnings of a Blossom Trail in the Delta and along Kettleman Lane in Lodi – a few isolated ornamental trees, one or two small orchards.

Berkeley Hort was a Bonanza today:

  • A replacement Foothills Penstemon, hardy to 15 degrees, deer resistant and drought tolerant.  Seems like a natural for the ranch almost in the foothills.
  • A one gallon matilija poppy (romneya coulteri).  Replacement for Matilda, the third sister on the bank below the retaining wall.
  • Artemisia, a new plant.  I was looking for silver foliage for contrast in the new plot in the back yard and decided against the native Dusty Miller in Dry Ideas section.
  •  Neem oil for pest control, as Del recommended.

I weeded the circle garden at the barn as I came in, now a regular routine.  I was pleased to see new growth on all the plants, not just the oenothera and blue-eyed grass.

I planted the penstemon and matilija poppy with Plant Starter and soil amendment.  The heavy clay soil and rock shelf do not drain well.

I added supplemental  water all round. Dry weather is expected for another two weeks with slightly higher temperatures.  I am on a mission to keep the ice plant border grounded, weeded and watered.  The aeonium took a hit being away from the shelter of the house.  I will see if a small amount of water will revive it.

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