February 21, 2020

We took Mike’s trailer to Lowe’s this morning to buy 4x4s for the new retaining wall.  We measured 48 feet of retaining wall double stacked, therefore 8 inches high. We also bought 2 foot rebar to hold the structure in place.  With luck, the retaining wall will match the construction of the planter boxes at the edge of the back yard, to the extent that it is seen at all.

Another rising from the grave.  I am overjoyed that the white lantana has not died and shows new growth.  The irrigation line that I dug up appears to be functional even though the water travels from a connector halfway down the back yard. Mike punched in feeders to the lantana and huechera as a temporary measure.

In the afternoon I back pruned more of the pine tree and underlying brush.  Pruning left at least a six foot clearance as I can walk under the branches comfortably.  I hauled away all the brush and raked over dead grass and thistle and added it to the burn pile in the middle of the front yard.  The pine tree looks much better, and I will sleep easier.

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