February 22, 2020

Remembering the older tradition of George Washington’s Birthday today.  It may the oldest American holiday, first celebrated in 1776.

I laid down five of the 8 foot long 4x4s, the lower level of the new retaining wall.  That level runs deeper than expected, and I was able to keep it entirely level.  At least the drift is upwards towards the fence.  I worked the 4×4 around the roots of the crape myrtle as best I could and built up the surrounding soil. The trench just outside the citrus box was soaked, possibly due to gravity flow.  I was slipping around in mud and laid the first 4×4 on a paver to keep it from subsiding.

After a regular burrito at the local cantina, I fired up the weed whacker for the first time this year.  It started without serious objection and ran like a champ. I cleared the grass along the fence running the length of the driveway.

First time mowing the back lawn this year and edging with the weed whacker.  Patches of grass may have started in the bare spots, but that may be the triumph of hope over experience.


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