February 25, 2020

I made a run at Annie’s on the way up to the ranch today.  I found a replacement sweet pea, an unusual form of mimulus with a variegated pink and white flower and a California native, phacelia divaricata.  That last one is an experiment.

I moved the huychera to the large planter box where the soil is damp but well-drained.  It should benefit from the excess zeal of the lawn sprinklers. I turned over and weeded the soil along the fence border in the new bed running out from the flagstones, added topsoil and raised bed mix, and planted the mimulus with Plant Starter. The irrigation drip was already in place from the huechera.

The soil in terra cotta planter was not dry, and the deep pink geranium has new growth.  Sadly, the lobelia will not grow in that much sun, as I discovered that Annie’s only carried lobelia in the Shade sections.  I planted the phacelia with Plant Starter and will see if it settles into the container.  The dichondra in that planter has wintered over but is not inspiring.

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