March 14, 2020

Spots received a little potato shrub in his breakfast offering.  Both shrubs, in the front border garden but also in partially shaded triangle garden, are coming into vigorous new growth.

Men’s Breakfast was held at the church this morning notwithstanding the coronavirus concerns.  For me washing up is part of the event – glad to do my part to ensure that the church service items are all sterilized. As I left, a long soaking rain had started and is  expected to continue for two to three days.  The first blooms on the sunset rockrose and the pink geranium at the center of the front slope garden were a cheery moment in a gray day.

The coleonemas are not recovering from heavy pruning last January.  I am considering  removing one or both of them.

I took advantage of a break in the rain this afternoon to prune the overgrown bottle brush that annoyed me as I looked out the kitchen window.  The pruning today cleared much dead growth from the base of the shrub, with a little trim off the top growth for shape and sprawl. The four bottle brushes are all slow growers, in different places in the garden.  I would like to see how they respond to cautious pruning.  So far, a little spot weeding has kept the front slope garden clear.

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