March 18, 2020

Mike was up to move the lawn sprinklers to the outer edge of the back lawn and send more water to the bare patches.  Our latest attempt to move the back lawn out to the rock border.  The Rainbird sprinklers are adjustable, with an inner collar that can be used to direct water 180 degrees  Mike spoke with Shorty at Lowe’s for training on how to work the adjusting collar, and I am developing my own knack.  My part was to dig out trenches from the current sprinkler positions approximately 12 inches to the edge of the lawn.  Mike installed a T from the existing main pipeline at the current positions, ran a new PVC pipe to the edge, and brought new sprinkler connections back to the surface.

The back yard control has six valves for the irrigation lines, also connected to the electric timer in the garage.  Which valve relates to which sprinkler or sprinklers is shrouded in mystery.  Mike is slowly mapping out the irrigation system and connections in the back yard.  We tested line number 3, and found pressure and direction for the line of sprinklers now on the lower edge of the back lawn.

We added irrigation line feeders to the new plants, punching holes in main irrigation line.  I found an older used sprinkler bubbler for the campanula to encourage it as a ground cover.  I also moved the tray of ice plant to the back yard, hopefully to root itself and eventually grow at the feet of Myrtle of the Far East.  We tested line number 1 for the new feeders and confirmed reasonable flow.

I found two standing sprinkler heads for the aptenia.  We positioned one to send water to the forgotten corner in front of the large crape myrtle box.  The line of sprinklers now along the back edge of the lawn does not have sufficient spray to reach that area.  The standing sprinklers are also connected to line number 1.


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