March 24, 2020

We had steady rain at mid-morning.  I spent most of the day on electronic wills legislation.

During an afternoon break in the rain I ran new irrigation feeders off the main lines to new mimulus on the front slope garden, and to the new African daisy and newly transplanted crassula in the recently filled back yard border garden. My skill and knack at repairing and extending the irrigation system expands daily.  The rain began to fall again just as I finished, causing me to remark on the irony of expanding the irrigation system in the middle of a driving rain.

Wind usually accompanies the rain as it is blown down the San Joaquin Valley.  The past few nights I have heard heavy winds, along the the house’s other creaks and clanks.  Not unpleasant, if I can pull the covers over my head after I read myself to sleep.

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