March 25, 2020

The times in which we live.  We celebrated Andy’s birthday party this afternoon via Zoom, with participation literally across the country.

Taking advantage of a gorgeous spring afternoon, Mike came up with his gas-powered weed whacker to trim the rock wall at the bottom of the slope garden and along the driveway.  We surveyed the dead tree at the fire prevention pond for removal, probably 10-15 feet tall.  Earlier in the day I needed a release from a loaded work schedule at the computer, a took off a thinner shoot with the tree saw.

All the geraniums are responding to two days of intermittent rain and leafing out. The white geraniums are offshoots of the Grandmother Geranium that did not survive in the front border garden.  The continuation of her legacy warms my heart.  The  foothills penstemon is sending out new tendrils with dark blue flowers.  Even the dianthus is showing new growth.  And of course weeds everywhere.  I do not get overly exercised about the weeds as I expect them to burn off in the summer.  I will need to address the overgrown oxalis, known by the familiar name of damned oxalis.

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