March 26, 2020

The ranch is having colder nights now, back down into the 30s, with rain overnight.  This morning I watched a wild turkey make its stately progress down the driveway.  High bird season is now, and I traced a flock of swallows to the top of a tree.  I was less thrilled by what I thought was a blue jay.

Today was moving day:

I moved the sweet pea to the large space left by the lately departed coleonema.  Once unbound from the cramped space in the front border garden, that one plant seems likely to fill the entire space.  I followed my Plant Starter routine.  The soil was already amended when I dug out the coleonema.

I moved the daffodils to beds along the driveway.  The largest collection of bulbs is replanted on the ground below the golden lantana, which is deeply wet.  I found water as I dug down and added raised bed soil.

I moved the deep red oleander in the front border garden less than 12 inches.  With its own dedicated space, it is already filling out. I scratched in new topsoil fortified with fertilizer that has been successful with the Grandmother oleander.  I covered the whole area with mulch just as rain began to spatter.

My favorite salmon pink verbena in the triangle garden has started to bloom. Its garnet red and candy stripe companions are not far behind.

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