March 28, 2020

I have been meaning for some time to tend to the Circle Garden at the barn. I have kept the clover around the base of the valley oak at the center of the garden and appreciate the natural look, but it is insidious.  Weeds are everywhere, notwithstanding digging out a week ago and applying Preen mulch. So much for truth in advertising.

I dug out all the clover and other volunteers around the spigot and set down flagstones.  Two bits of flagstone had wandered into the rock border, and I added them to the setting for whimsy.  That area received full vinegar treatment as I use it only for spigot access and hose utility.  The good news is that all the intentional plants are thriving.

I painted the door to the utility room at the barn to see how the Front Porch paint would look.  A spattering of rain cut the project short. The rain took its job more seriously in the afternoon.

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