April 2, 2020

I came back yesterday from an overnight in Oakland.  All three native irises in the Oakland front and back yards are in full and glorious bloom, and the mimulus is just getting warmed up.  It grieved my heart to leave them but I need to limit my time in Oakland.

I am back to my morning rockrose pruning in the front slope garden.  Both shrubs have lots of buds that I try to avoid.  Spots can have the growth underneath for his morning snack.

No irrigation water this morning, a certain sign that the cows had kicked over the switch to the irrigation pump again.  I tramped grumpily down to the lake.  Still, the trip was not entirely wasted because while flipping the switch back on, I saw my third great blue heron this season.  It rose from the lake and flew to the top of a tree.  And I thought they were only wading birds.

Sheltering in place here brings many needed projects to my attention. I trimmed the dead wood off the valley oak that keeps growing into the back porch.  I left possible mistletoe that I could not distinguish from new growth.

I weeded the area where the lantana was cleared, applying Preen and Preen mulch.  I gave the transplanted sweet pea supplemental water, covered it with Preen mulch and  watered the mulch in.

Mike was up for a tutorial on the filter.  I removed it and cleaned out the algae but was unable to refit the filter without major leaks.  I need to keep a jar of Vaseline on hand and coat the gasket before refitting. Vaseline helps to keep the gasket from slipping and leaking water.  



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