April 3, 2020

This morning I was down at the church, recording music for Palm Sunday and for Good Friday.

The brave little columbine is back.  I was sure that the combination of frost and drought had killed it, but no.  I combed out the dead growth from the purple alyssum in the triangle garden and found new growth underneath.

Yesterday I turned the spigot and found no irrigation water.  The solution is routine; I  hiked down to the pump at the lake to trip the switch on the power box that  cow or two had decided to use as a scratching post.  The cows were more energetic this time, not only flipping the switch but nearly kicking over the entire power box.

Mike was ready in the afternoon for a project.  We loaded four 12 foot sections of steel fencing on the tractor with a makeshift fork lift.  Those four sections create an enclosure around the power box, with a gate for entry.  Mike set steel posts into the ground at the four corners, using the pounder.   We connected the section with chains at the corners.  I was introduced to baling wire to secure the sections to the cornet posts.  I reported to Martha on my progress against the cows.

Lots of debris around the pump apparatus.  We leaned a canoe against the tree and found rafts in varied conditions.  We also set aside a 15-20 foot long section of black 2 inch pipe.  We will drag it up the hill and use it to direct water from the existing spigot into the firs prevention pond.  Mike has clamps to secure the pipe to the ground.  A short length of hose from the spigot should release the water down the pipe to the pond, filling it as needed at the end of the dry season.

The moon is at three-quarters tonight, moving towards Easter. The moonlight through the windows in the main room lights me to bed.  I will sleep well tonight.


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