Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020

One final spectacular bloom on the grandmother camellia greeted me this morning, as sure a sign of resurrection as I will ever want. I pruned the dead growth off the camellia, above and below, and cut back the outliers and suckers.

I replaced the field sprayer in the oleander corner of the back yard with a bubbler.  The area was flooding, the vetch and weeds between the flagstones were thriving, and water was continuing down the slope on the other side of the flagstones.  With one less yarrow, the bubbler should provide sufficient water though I will need to watch the large Mexican daisy in that corner.

I pruned off the top growth on the lime tree, mostly for height, and was heartened to see new growth on the lower branches.

I dug out half of Jerry’s paved walkway in the corporation yard.  Pavers had subsided into the ground over the years and not evenly.  Other pavers have heaved up in places. I shored up and leveled out the pavers leading to the back side of the gate, the path still undulating a little.  One of these days I will relay the entire path with a gravel substrate to avoid subsidence.  I will also look for paving sand when I can get to Lowe’s.

The bright sunshine in the afternoon lifted my spirits.  Sun and warmer temperatures forecast for the rest of the week.

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