April 18, 2020

The day started cloudy but no rain is forecast.  Next week promises bright sunshine and temperatures breaking into the 80s.

I picked up 7 foot 4x4s yesterday and a stock of rebar.  I also found paving sand to finish off the flagstones around the irrigation valves beside the front of the house.

Lowe’s had a pale yellow dahlia with rose and violet highlights next to the cash register, designed for the impulse buyer like me. I remember dearly the long dahlia beds on the path leading to the Roosevelt cottage on Campobello Island.  The label recommends semi-moist soil.  I will plant the dahlia in the container nearest the spigot at the top of the front slope garden, where I can add it to my watering routine.  I use that spigot to draw irrigation water once a week for the indoor plants, and supplementing  the water to the dahlia will be simple enough.

The ice plant on the downward slope form the back yard is beginning to bloom.  More weeding today.  Growth is inconsistent along the strip, but I continue initial seedlings that I died out and a new shoot comes to the surface nearby.  The weeding helps me to locate the ice plant seedlings and direct water to the seedlings most in need.

Running the weed whacker is becoming my favorite form of exercise.  In the afternoon I worked around .hat I accomplish much, but I check on all the plants. I will try supplemental water to the sweet pea and bottle brush on the mezzanine level as they do not appear to be thriving.  I added ten minutes of irrigation water each day, five additional minutes to each of the morning and evening cycles.  

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