April 23, 2020

Both the lemon and lime trees are showing new growth.  They seem to respond to warmer weather, now well into the 80s every day.  I added citrus spikes to both plants and watered them in.

I finished laying concrete barriers the entire length of the new 21 foot bed.  They lie just below the first level of the retaining wall, which means close to 8-10 inches of good soil when finished.

Mike brought down the tractor this afternoon.  Six scoops with the front end loader were needed to fill to the top of the retaining wall.  I also added three cubic feet of the commercial Raised Bed and Potting Mix with added organic material of some sort.  I have used the mix before to loosen compacted soil.  I was at both ends of the job, filling the front loader by shovelful and emptying it into the new bed.  Much the same procedure that we used to fill the large planter box in the back yard. Moving all that topsoil by wheel barrow would have taken forever.

The newly cleared bed on the other side of the citrus box is suffering from a major weed invasion. Probably requires Roundup treatment.

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