April 25, 2020

I  finished relaying the stones on the western 21 feet of the back lawn border.  Puzzling that the ones I had dug out were one short to complete the entire length of border. I found a replacement stone along the driveway and hauled it to the back yard to finish the border.

I laid down mulch over the entire 21 feet of the bed.  The madia elegans was moved out of the front year container and into the shelter of the large crape myrtle because part sun is recommended.  The feeder line that used to irrigate the large crape myrtle was already in place. I retrieved the phacelia that had already overgrown the terra cotta planter and overrun the geranium and settled it into the new bed next to Madia.  As is my routine, I applied Plant Starter on all the new plants and the bulbine.

I was at Ace Hardware for a new mailbox lock and took a peek at the Garden Section.  The Tripot mix is a terrific marketing idea – petunia, calibrachoa and verbena, perfect for the barrel container at the entrance to the front garden.  I never have had much luck transplanting a mixed  flower into a container.  The Tripot starts earlier and looks to have a better chance of success.  I also found an unusual butterfly bush, a darker green leaf and a raspberry colored bloom.  The stock in the Garden Section was limited but the plants were well tended and not overgrown.

I ended the day mowing the lawn. I told Mike that he did not need to apologize for the tracks the tractor left in the lawn moving topsoil to the back bed.  I aerated the tracks and will let plentiful water and sun do the rest.

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