April 26, 2020

The before breakfast chore was thinning the ice plant around the white oleander in the front border garden.  The roots were compacted, butting against the sidewalk, and thick with weeds.  I removed almost half of the growth and cleared the weeds.  The cleared space leave rooms for a bit of lysimachia that self-seeded from the container last year and continues to huddle around its base.   I also removed the dead leaves from the white oleander, per instructions from Del.  

I applied Mike’s Mulch in the barrel container and around the dahlia.

Later in the morning I dug out the clover and grass around the valley oak in the Circle Garden at the barn.  In the process I managed to sever an artery to the irrigation system and will need to repair it.  The cistus is a cluster of white flowers and an unexpected joy as I drive in from town.  All the intentional plants in the Circle Garden are thriving and weeds too.

Just for fun, I removed the lower branches from the valley oak in the center of the driveway.  I guess the theory was to avoid their scraping my car or the truck.  Removing lower branches as the dry season comes on is a general drill.

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