April 30, 2020

Down at church this morning to record the hymns for the Sunday service.  While there, I made a quick run into Lowe’s for mulch.  While there, I might just as well pick up a radiant lantana for the new back border garden, a small day lily to fill the terra cotta planter and sweet basil.

I am developing expertise in the maintenance and repair of irrigation lines.  Bubbler heads tend to pop off into the wild; lines need to be plugged.  I adjusted the sprinkler heads on the back lawn to reduce water output and dialed back the irrigation time.   Substantial water flows down the slope of the back lawn and collects more or less uselessly at the rock border.

The irises in the Triangle Garden are sprouting.  I can not remember whether they are perennials or biennials, but this appears to be their year.   I also cut back the rhaphiolepsis to encourage a possible second bloom.

The wall flower was flourishing and needed to be pruned by a third to not overshadow the other plants.  I also dead headed the shrub daisy.  Long shooting stars appear to be its blooming pattern.

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