May 8, 2020

I was out early for work.  High temperatures above 90 are expected for the next two days, then cooler weather next week with possible rain showers Monday or Tuesday.  Nights are still cool and the house stays at a comfortable temperature even in the heat of the later afternoon.  I even need a flannel shirt in the evening.

The transplanted day lily off the back porch has blooms.  The leak from the the irrigation spreader has done well by Lily.

I weeded the new back border garden and combed out the ice plant. I surprised myself when, by dint of continuous efforts, the ice plant is emerging as a ground cover for that whole section of the bank, with only scattered intervention by weeds.

I also dead headed the mimulus in the back border garden see if it can generate a second bloom.  The plant itself is healthy and appears to be well on its way.

Against all odds, possible new grass is growing in the center bare patch beside the Citrus Box,  The race is on with the Bermuda grass.





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